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Rockafellas By The Sea - Ortley Beach (8/16)

Rockafellas is dining out!  You get table cloths, cloth napkins and an attentive staff.  They have the best Italian food on the island and the prices are moderate.  My favorite is the Veal Milanase, a pounded veal chop over arugula.  It is all very good.  But, I'd skip the Cappuccino.


Teresas Osaka - Toms River (08/16)

As you drive along route 37, you may pass this restaurant and think "another strip mall eatery", but what a mistake that would be.  The restaurant is well appointed and much larger that it looks, but that is only the beginning as the food is fabulous.  The ginger dressing on the salad is homemade and outstanding as is the seafood lemon grass soup.  Once you've eaten any of their mouth watering sushi rolls you will never eat anyone else's again.


For the less adventurous they have a great selection of fish and tempura dishes raging from chicken to steak.  This is not just a Japanese Restaurant but a dining experience and the owner is there to welcome you and to look after you and your food.  You will not be disappointed!


Lenny's Pizza - Lavallette (08/16)

We missed the Governor, as it is a favorite of Chris Christie, but Lenny's serves good Italian food and we will go back.


Ohana Grill - Lavalette (07/16)

The restaurant was reminiscent of a restaurant we ate at in Hawaii.  It also reminded me of San Francisco where the fog comes rolling in.  Only here it was the cooking oil from the open kitchen.  The appetizers, satay chicken, wasabi shrimp & oysters were run on the mill.  The Salmon and the Chilean Sea Bass were nothing to write home about.  If you don't mind smelling like cooking oil, I would recommend the Hoisin BBQ pork chop as it was excellent, tasty and tender.


The Warfside - Pt. Pleasant Beach (07/16)

The Warfside has been a mainstay of the Jersey Shore, and has great views and had decent food, but that has been declining over the years.


The lobster bisque used to be served with some Sherry on the side, but that has gone by the wayside along with Maine lobsters, flounder and onion encrusted Cod.  I had Salmon and asked that it be served rare, which never happened.  The fish was dry and I wonder if it was also frozen.


 I had made some Salmon the other night at home which was moist and tasty and the entire meal cost $8.00 compared to the $24 Salmon at the Warfside with the uncomfortable bench seating  This was my last visit to that establishment.


The Blend - Main St. Manasquan (07/16)

Highly recommended, classy ambiance, not your usual Jersey Shore restaurant.  We had, Scottish Salmon, Swordfish, Halibut and Crab Cakes and everyone loved their meal.  We are looking forward to going back.


Shut Up & Eat - Toms River (06/16)

If eating at a garage sale is your thing, then you will love Shut Up & Eat.  We had pancakes that looked like manhole covers and weighed about the same.  The waffles were super dense. but the Yogurt Parfait gets the "Gormets" Seal of Approval.  As we were leaving, there was a coffee mug near the door that said 'Oy Vey' and that about sums it up.


Sawmill - Seaside Park (06/16)

Run of the mill aptly describes the Sawmill. However, their pizza is good and the peel and the eat shrimp are excellent.  The cocktail sauce was spicy and the shrimp were icy cold.


Runners Seafood Restaurant - North Lavalette (06/16)

This week Steve & Eddie tried Runners Seafood Restaurant in North Lavalette.  We did the take-out thing.  A fried scallops platter, a fried shrimp platter and a fried flounder sandwich.  They all came with fries and coleslaw.  The food was good.  The fries were very tasty, but I'm sure it's better in the restaurant as fried food lin a covered container tends to loose it crispness.  The coleslaw gets the "Gormet's" Seal of Approval.  Overall, we recommend Runner's, but don't expect much in the way of atmosphere.


Sunday Times - Seaside Park

For dessert we tried Sunday Times, a Seaside Park mainstay.  We had a Strawberry Sunday, a Black Cherry cone and a cup of Maple Walnut with sprinkles.  The ice cream was very good.  Our only complaint was the strawberry topping which was gelatinous.  It reminded us of the topping you'd find on a supermarket strawberry cheese cake.